It is “Ponedeljak” for us all again… (Bosnian)

What is happening on Moon-Day?

Anyone knowing the answer to this elementary question?

Yep, it is time to write an online journal about the visit of the “thinking brain” person. That’s a good definition/answer. That will somehow work.

O-tay. Started the visit with the Psych-lady and this is one of those “lengthily drawn-out discussions” of where to eat at.

Psych-Lady: “Where you want to go?”
I respond: “I don’t care, where do you want to go?”
Psych-Lady: “Well, we are not going to do any deadly walking down the street in the heat.”
I respond: “Uh, okay. You’re driving and it’s (obviously) your choice. WHERE ARE WE GOING?”

We go outside into the heat and into her vehicle. A quick right-turn and then “skidding” through a swift “U-ee turn”. Errrrrrrrrrrr…….. The wheels straighten out and swiftly move forward again toward the usual…. Special Grocery Store Place. (Trust Me. I have just relaxed about this so-called “brain” of mine and the non-remembrance of the Name Of Things that it has selected to do.)

BRAIN: “Oh, that’s worth filing away to remember. That one… eh, just toss that one out. Someone else’s brain can just try and catch it.”

Ok. We get to our normal Blah-Blah location. I have chosen a collection of foods that I haven’t eaten previously, just to be a precarious living individual. Now, boys and girls, we shall enjoy the descriptions to each of the foods.

Tuna with Cranberries – This is made of: Canola Mayonnaise. Water (that’s a good one). Da da da…. Egg Yolks. Honey. SEA SALT (That REALLY good one, trust me). Lemon Juice. Yellow Onions. Sugar. Salt. Wait…. It has Salt? It already said “Sea Salt” and now it says “Salt”?? Wha??
Buffalo Chicken SaladChicken. Chicken Breast (Ahhh… okay). Buffalo Chicken Salad Dressing. (A buffalo-type chicken getting dressed as a salad?), Ranch Dressing (So, naked things getting dressed?), Frank’s Hot Sauce (Yo, Frank, can I have some?), Worcestershire Sauce (not even trying to say that one as fast as I can), wada-wada…. and a few more vegetables.


Black Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee – Finally! Finnaly! I found a drink that I wouldn’t have to worry about being incorrectly drinking. I finally remembered to read a drink before drinking! This time I DON’T HAVE TO SHAKE IT!

AAAAaaaaaarrrggggg!!!!! It didn’t taste too bad. Did this brain of mine thinks it was good enough to use space within itself to correctly remember and describe the details of its flavor? No. But, it wasn’t bad.

Skidded the vehicle around and made it back to the office building when we finished eating and speaking.

Okay. I’m warning right now:
This Psych-Lady is telling me that she is “refusing” to see me next week. Why? She has “Made Up Better Things To Do.” So, knock this off the list of things to blog about next week. Which is fine… I had plans to advise her that I could not connect too, but she beat me to it.


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