Next! ….uh, I mean what “leabhar” is next? (Irish)

What movie preview did I see this time and now I have chosen to read the book before the movie comes out??

Well…   “…..this stupid Kindle just shut itself off… “

Well, it is called PAPER TOWNS. I saw the preview of this movie on the Internet awhile back and thought it looked “interesting” to see. I wanted a new Kindle book. But I’ve done something different this time. I decided to step back similar to those previous books and go for the “audio” version.

This will just help….  somehow help…. help my….. being too lazy to enjoy reading ENTIRE books everyday all the time. That’s all. Also the audio is cheap. (yeah, that’s an excuse)

Let me get to work on this. I’ll keep everyone informed and we’ll go from here. 🙂

First: Movie comes out July 24th. Today is July 12th. Better start listening pretty soon…

Oh, oh, oh…… The movie! Here it is. I almost forgot to do a PASTE and put the thing right there.

Paper Towns


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