Ah, it’s Viernarì… (Neapolitan)

I do not need to take VACATION from my exasperating industry. No! it’s back to WORK!
…wait, wait… HARD WORK ON FRIDAYS!
…mmmm…. FRIDAY MORNINGS for FREE LUNCH!  yeah, that’s it….

The very tough and stressful position I have at the HOSPITAL is (someday) going to be “updated” so that I have a different one. Hopefully more than only “Friday Mornings”? I was informed it would be. We’ll have to see what we get.

Nah, it was just steady business on the Friday morning. Maybe I’ve gotten used to it and it has become less of a thing called “work”? Maybe.

I was chatting with the guy who works the afternoon after me when I came back from lunch. He tells me in the 4 hours that he works, he might get 4 people asking questions. That’s on a BUSY day. While we were chatting, a person came up and asked a question. After she left, we both commented that she was the only one for that hour. It was only 1:15 too! Not bad! Then at 1:30 another lady comes to him and he walks her down the hallway.

Phew! He was wore out. (ha ha…) We were convinced that it was going to be “at least” 3:00 when it happens again. I wasn’t going to wait and see. Took a taxi home… 🙂


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