Boys and Girls… Today is: Ockorkananiwon (Atikamekw)

Back to see the Psych on this usual day.

Psych Lady: “Where are we eating today? The usual?”
Me in a slightly louder voice: “No! We are going somewhere else!
Psych Lady in a Surprised Voice: “You mean… We are really…? Having the opportunity of filling the stomachs within our bodies with abnormal foods arriving from a different location? Please! Please! Tell me where we are going!”

By the time I had listened to her speak all those words, I had nearly forgotten what to say as to where we were going….

Me after remembering: “Smashburger. This time we will TRY to go, and STAY THERE for the meeting.”

So, that is where we went, and that is what we did.

Good Meeting. Good Burgers. Good Sweet Potato Fries.

It was Good.

The ride “away from” and “back to” my house, using the special van, wasn’t too exciting this time. Eh, maybe next time I’ll have something adventurous to write.


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