Ahh … Die hospitaal Vrydag (Afrikaans)

Yes, I made it to the hospital again on a Friday. What is happening on THIS Friday?? I typed about it last Friday!


I started my NEW POSITION upstairs over in the other building. Ah, I was wondering what it was that I would be doing over there… (actually, I remembered after arriving at that location, I had been to this office once before. At that time, they were just “interviewing” me.) What can a lucky person, as myself, be doing in a “new job“? Well, I am literally just filing a stack of papers. That’s all. That’s it. Nothing else.

I guess it’s better than sitting all day. I’m moving around. Eh, pretty easy and just to have the opportunity to “work in an office“, which I haven’t done for years. That is just an excellent thing to me.

Another excellent thing is just to be in an office with a few other ladies at their desks and yack with them all morning. That was awesome!

NOW, the next thing! When working downstairs in the entrance area, I was given the hours of 8-12. These people in this office leave for lunch at 11. They all eat together and “have to leave” at 11 for lunch… together. This is a secure office of hospital employee files. They can’t leave the office unlocked. I was going to leave at 10:30, but put it off till I finished my filing at 11:00.

Office: “Oh! It’s time for lunch! We all have to go!”
Me: “Uh, okay. I’ll see you guys next Friday…”

Sooo.. That was that. I went back downstairs and sat with the lady watching the DOORS and WAVING where I was originally was in the past and earlier this morning.

“Good Morning!”
“Good Morning!”

Can’t seem to think of anything else to do for the next hour after the rest of the office left. Mmmm… Just needed to stay busy before feeling like I earned my mealtime at lunch. So, after going down to where I originally worked, I greeted along with the other lady there at the desk. Waited and chatted with her for the hour till 12:00 and went off to lunch.

Hmmm… Might be able to work “all day” and/or “more days” at this new job?? When starting this position, it was a good change. Check on the rest soon…


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