Day 7 – Better Day (by Sherry)

So, I returned to the hospital today and I was there 4 minutes and Darren was whisked off to his 10th MRI this year. Darren came back over an hour later and when I asked him who he listened to while having his MRI, he replied:

“MRI 5”

“ummm… you mean: Maroon 5?”

“Yep, that is what I meant.”

Darren had a much better day. He ate chicken enchilada and drank Diet Pepsi at lunch.



This is his “drainage bulb” they drain this a couple of times a day.

Darren also got moved back down to the 8th floor. The doctor was super impressed with his improvements. They removed all his Zonegran and today he only had 75 milligrams of Lamictal. Tomorrow he is completely off Lamictal which leaves his Depakote ER which they really don’t want to mess with because it helps treat his bi-polar.

Darren was smiling a lot today and he was having computer withdrawl so I let him surf on his phone for awhile. Tomorrow I will take his computer now that he is back on the 8th floor and feeling better. Darren did not know why he had the drainage bulb or his new IV line which is good for 30 days. He knew it was Wednesday and he also did not know about the 2nd surgery.

His cousins came tonight to visit. He was brought a seed of happiness.



Now we need seizures! Please pray for seizures!


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