Happy Anniversary, Mr. Blog…

Today is March 23rd and 3 YEARS AGO on this day I started blogging about the new visits with a Neurologist at the State University Hospital. I had chosen to see a new Neurologist at the new location, just for a change. If you’ve ever been through the “same thing” for the “same reason” as me for the longest time, you would understand

If you haven’t taken the time to read this blog in the January 2014 month, then you should. You would understand the drastic days that were created for this entire blog.

What about now? I’m living comfortably after all my surgery and therapy. I also volunteer at my local hospital. 🙂

The body is healed and the life is good. 😉

One thought on “Happy Anniversary, Mr. Blog…

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this journey with us. My prayers are for continued improvement and lots of happy years ahead!!!

    Your GG friend

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