Visited the hospital doctors…

Just got home after my appointment from KU Med. My head was cut-up after the incision/surgery on the left side and it looked good. Wanted to check up on that. Came out good and the doc said I could go ahead and shave my face near my ear which would show off some stuff on the left side. Have to wait and see…

The doctor said:

  • The incision in my head looked great.
  • I defiantly need “cognitive therapy”.
  • Strength is good.
  • Need to strengthen my neck because my head leans to the right.

That was about it after the doctor said that I needed to see him in 3 months.

He also talked and said the scars on the top of my head from November will probably stop the hair from growing. So, that means I have these scar lines in my head that were used to show where my head was cut at, I will not have hair growing there. Hmmmm… What do I do now? Maybe wear a hat all the time? Just shave my ugly-striped top of my head all the time? I just have to think and see…


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