Two Therapists…

On Friday I had a schedule for two therapists. A Physical one for about an hour and then a Speech & Language one right after that. Did my usual type of physical therapy that I’ve done with the first one. Just doing some different things here and there in the room that we were both in. Tossed or bounced a large ball back and forth for awhile among other things I did during the time I was there with her. After I was done, I went back to the waiting room.

The Speech & Language therapist, a couple minutes later, showed up and brought us to a separate room from the work-out room where the physical therapist & I were. This is where we always go. We started by having me show off my crossword puzzles I had worked on from last week that she had given me to work on. Couldn’t look up the answers in anything, just in my mind… It was two crossword puzzles on two papers to do. Not the MOST complicated things in the world, just taking time. Did I finish them in two days like I thought I would and not did them earlier? No. There was just two or four words that I had unfinished on each page. Not a bad figure if I’m doing these straight out of my head being all screwed up right now. <grin> Need to finish them now. I was also given two more papers to do for next weekend. Don’t know what those are. Not supposed to look until I start. Eh, okay.

3 thoughts on “Two Therapists…

  1. Darren – we were out of town last Wed until tonight & I’ll be gone Tues – Thurs this week. Hopefully maybe we can get together on Friday? Let me know how your schedule looks – I’ll get you out of the house for a few hours!…….




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