Looking at my posts today…

I was just looking at my previous posts in this system and looked back to the very first one. Today is the one-year anniversary of the whole thing of the beginning of the web site. Wow! Quite the time taken to think and type done by myself and my wife for this whole thing being done.

Now, at the beginning of my web site, I have a date that is equal to now, but I started the stuff before the date. Actually back in January of last year is when I agreed to start. 

I am having some pain in my head today. I don’t know why. Maybe thinking too hard about a year ago? 🙂 Maybe not. My skull still has pretty “dents” and “marks” after the surgeries that can be seen on the outside. Need to take some meds for the headache.

I still don’t have any memory of this last hospital stay and never will. That’s fine, but this head hurting is not as fine. Today my head has a pain, but I’m still living now. Need to go to bed because my head and eyes are just very tired. I believe this is a feeling I’m going to have at this time of the day for at least (maybe) for the next year or (hopefully) less. We’ll see…

2 thoughts on “Looking at my posts today…

  1. You are doing great. Thanks for keeping us posted. God will continue to be with you on this journey and we will keep prayers coming your way.


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