Brain Operation: Two Years Ago Today

Two Years ago today. This was the day that I was ready and set for the brain to partake in the operation. I wanted to make sure that the Surgeon was going to Tweet me after (or maybe during?) the operation. The message was put on my forehead…

@pcamarata TWEET ME! @darrenlong315

Not much about this entire hospital stay I remember. But I do remember THAT point in time where I had the tweet written onto my forehead.  No one told me what it said, just had the picture taken that I saw later…….


Afterwards, I learned that the Doc wasn’t lucky enough to see the message on my head at surgery time. Someone had already cleaned it off before coming into the room! Doh!

The surgery itself was three hours long. My surgeon said 3cm was removed from the left frontal lobe. I now have only ONE Hippocampus (a regular person has TWO of them, but I only have ONE now). The Hippocampus organizes memories and deals with spatial relation.
… my brain just deals the memories that it can reach in the time that I am looking for memories??

I got into my room that night and I was howling in pain!

It was thought that I might be weak on the right side. (FALSE)
It was thought I would have temporary speech issues. (Not really… Just answering slow.)
Missing some eyesight. (FALSE)

Did pretty good in all that, eh?  😉

Extreme pain most of the night. I was given OXYGEN to help with the pain.

After all of this and up until the day I left, I have VERY VERY few memories of being the hospital. PERSONALLY, I’m thankful that I don’t remember much. LOTS of others have told me otherwise about the experience.

Main things I do remember… The day I walked IN the hospital and the day I walked OUT of the hospital. 🙂  That is all I NEED to know.


Two Years!

Two Years ago today was the day I arrived at the hospital, laid in the MRI machine to do another one of those brain scans (for the hundredth time) and patiently waited for my surgery.

Next thing… I’m called out of the waiting room and I remember being on the table…

“Okay, get relaxed and we can all be ready to get this underway after you fall asleep.”

“Hold On! What are we doing today?,” I said. “What is the plan?”

Everyone kinda stopped…. Then one person spoke up and explained the whole thing. (I don’t remember a word that was said…)

“Eh… OK. That sounds good. I’m ready. Lets go.” 

After that is a long story. Go back to January 2014 and take a look….

I’m still here and FEEL GREAT! That’s all that matters! 🙂


March 23rd, 2013 is that first day I try this “blogging” thing out just because I thought that people who actually took the time to do a blog for a reason, and not just for the hell of it, were interesting.

This brain testing would be an interesting subject to blog about (if someone could find my brain to test). Anyways, I wanted a worthwhile subject. But this subject would also give me something to look forward doing while sitting in a hospital… JUST for testing with things on my head. (testing… testing… 1 2 3…)

After some TESTING, the one idea of (easily implanted) VNS Therapy goes away, the decision was made on the Full Fledged Brain Surgery. Mmmmm..

So, the rest is history.

One year ago, just after all the testings and surgeries and other things, I was JUST BEGINNING the healing process along with therapy. That healing part has been quite impressive, as far as brain healing goes. Hasn’t finished, I believe, or maybe it’s just changing because of age. Maybe? Who know?

I remember all of that being very interesting as far as my brain beginning to cooperate with me and let me do things. I’m READING better. I’ve been enjoying that a bunch. Recently, I can’t seem to convince myself, even though I have been doing it better, that I am not a super fast reader. I’m buying books on my Kindle often. (STOP that, Mr. Brain. We need to read the other one first!) Anyways…

I am seeing my new pair of Psych people recently. That has been interesting with my weekly Psych. Every Wednesday. Gives me something to look forward to. 🙂

What to look forward to and do within the next year? Good question. Nothing is coming to mind right now (I’m kinda cold in the brain), but I believe there will be some great changes with my mind and brain. Everything has been going pretty good with this thing (knocking on my head) and lets just all wait and see. I have been, and will continue to, writing more blog entries into this website. There might be a couple people out there that actually read it? Eh, who knows. 🙂  But, never the less, I will keep this going as long as this brain-thing lets me.

Looking at my posts today…

I was just looking at my previous posts in this system and looked back to the very first one. Today is the one-year anniversary of the whole thing of the beginning of the web site. Wow! Quite the time taken to think and type done by myself and my wife for this whole thing being done.

Now, at the beginning of my web site, I have a date that is equal to now, but I started the stuff before the date. Actually back in January of last year is when I agreed to start. 

I am having some pain in my head today. I don’t know why. Maybe thinking too hard about a year ago? 🙂 Maybe not. My skull still has pretty “dents” and “marks” after the surgeries that can be seen on the outside. Need to take some meds for the headache.

I still don’t have any memory of this last hospital stay and never will. That’s fine, but this head hurting is not as fine. Today my head has a pain, but I’m still living now. Need to go to bed because my head and eyes are just very tired. I believe this is a feeling I’m going to have at this time of the day for at least (maybe) for the next year or (hopefully) less. We’ll see…