Two Years!

Two Years ago today was the day I arrived at the hospital, laid in the MRI machine to do another one of those brain scans (for the hundredth time) and patiently waited for my surgery.

Next thing… I’m called out of the waiting room and I remember being on the table…

“Okay, get relaxed and we can all be ready to get this underway after you fall asleep.”

“Hold On! What are we doing today?,” I said. “What is the plan?”

Everyone kinda stopped…. Then one person spoke up and explained the whole thing. (I don’t remember a word that was said…)

“Eh… OK. That sounds good. I’m ready. Lets go.” 

After that is a long story. Go back to January 2014 and take a look….

I’m still here and FEEL GREAT! That’s all that matters! 🙂

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