Ah… New Numerical Change


This is the “day after” New Years Day, right? What new year is this now?

Ah, 2016.

What year did this blog begin so that I could write, and you could read, mainly about what I go through pertaining to my brain?

Oh, yeah… 2013.

It has now been TWO YEARS since that Official Brain Surgery of mine, back in January 2014. Pretty good job there, eh? Brain still works enough to let me still blog here.  🙂

What is my plans for 2016?

Stay a volunteer at the hospital.

I had been informed about maybe other things to do as a volunteer for the hospital here in town. I’ll let you know when I get all the facts straightened with that.

Less psych visits. Every-other week instead of every week? She has told me that she believes my brain has somehow gotten surprisingly better than she would have ever thought it could.

Now what?

I guess I’ll just let you know as I keep going…

2 thoughts on “Ah… New Numerical Change

  1. That is right Darren, just keep rolling with what ever God & the Drs hand you. You have come a long way! Keep it up! Happy New Year 2016!

    Your GG friend Anne

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