Beautiful Monday.

Saw the Psych again today on Monday.

Ate burgers while talking about things which are things that are discussed with a Psych

Before we finished up she tells me…Uh, starting at the beginning of the new year, our schedule is CHANGING.

The First thing is…
We will only see each other EVERY OTHER WEEK.

The Second thing is…
The day of the week where everything is scheduled to happen, has changed! I am not lucky, and now I have to “change”. She “just learned” that she will be busy at noontime on Mondays. I asked:

“What about 1 o’clock on Monday?”
“No. I’m busy then too….”

Soooo…. Next year it will be: EVERY OTHER WEEK on TUESDAY?? Geeze!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Monday.

  1. Hey, you can do this! Put it on your calendar. It will be a habit in no time. Change is good sometimes

    Your GG friend Anne

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