Hello Mr. Less Pieces of Brain????

These “pages” of “homework” that I am being given from my newest Speech/Language Therapist are to be done on my own without a booklet or Internet help to take home. Just work done on lots of papers.

“Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?” — ???

Woah? Tower of Pisa leans? See, I would know everything about this before this surgery into my brain before. Now that I think about it, I can see it in my head. Where is it? It’s that country that starts with an I—-…. See….  Italy. That’s good for me. Ahhh.. Maybe I just need to do all the damn questions on here to give myself time to think. 😉

“How many years are in a decade?” — 10 years

Lots are better and easier for ME. If I can guess the people who are unable to answer this question for they some reason, can’t do that….. ha ha…

The real problem is THINKING OF THE WORDS that I need to answer questions… But, right now is later in the afternoon. Above was earlier in the morning and I was thinking and typing faster. Almost 4 o’clock and I’m already getting tired.


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