Today is a Two-Day on a Tuesday!

Ok… Ok… This is Tuesday and this is FIRST a….

Psych Appointment

Just the usual…. while eating lunch…

Psych: How have you been doing?
Me: I’m doing good…..

You know, the usual…

Then the SECOND thing is…

Neurologist Appointment

Ah… What did we learn there today?
Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen one of my Brain Docs….

Me: I’m doing good…..
Doc: Let’s start lowering the Meds.

At the first appointment, I was ASKED how I was doing.
At the second appointment, I was TOLD what I will be doing.

Ugh, I think I did these appointments backwards today…
Eh, what am I going to do now…?

I think I will give myself a nice “pat on the back” for the hard work.



On the last day of the year, I headed over to the hospital again (for the billionth time) to see my Psychologist. Not a Psychiatrist, but a Psychologist. Got it?

Just talked back and forth….  la la la….

And what does the Psychologist tell me? “You should need a Psychiatrist.” Oh, great…. Psych here.. Psych there..

Psych-ee the Brain. Okay.

So, I guess I’ll be doing that stuff down the road… someday soon. I just have to “find” one and “pick” one? Just as long as this person that I am talking to can understand… whatever… my stuff… brain… mmmmm…?

So, what’s been going on?

What is up with this “WHAT? I haven’t written for a month?” stuff? That’s just not right (write?).

Just trust me, I am still alive and still able to safely & correctly write into this media. The problems I seem to be showing that I have are no more than a change in everything I have been doing in the past. Discuss this? No. Not today.

Back to living… I got the new doctors over at the KU Med and have been very successful with them. Just had another appointment on Wednesday of this week and have chosen to start seeing a Psych in the town that I live in, rather than commuting the many miles all the way to the KU hospital where my surgeons are located at. This is going to be helpful.

Not too much else. I have had some very helpful communication with a long-time friend. This has helped in many ways.

I’ll stay more communicable (more often) once more exciting things happen that are worthy of communicating about. Right now, things are still going good and quiet. 🙂

New Doctor

I had a meeting at the Hospital to discuss the decision of making sure ALL my doctors (even the Psychologists) be located at the University where I had my operation. This makes everything MUCH easier for all the doctors that work on me and work with me to communicate with each other after the surgery.

It’s always quite interesting when I visit the University Hospital. The doctors are always seem very happy to see and get to know me very well. Met with a new Psychology doctor there on Wednesday and have come to decide that this is the better doctor (unlike a previous Psych not at the Hospital). It’s always a good thing to have a Psych who can actually understand what you’re talking about and care about it.

I have a Neurologist appointment on the 30th, too.

Visited the hospital doctors…

Just got home after my appointment from KU Med. My head was cut-up after the incision/surgery on the left side and it looked good. Wanted to check up on that. Came out good and the doc said I could go ahead and shave my face near my ear which would show off some stuff on the left side. Have to wait and see…

The doctor said:

  • The incision in my head looked great.
  • I defiantly need “cognitive therapy”.
  • Strength is good.
  • Need to strengthen my neck because my head leans to the right.

That was about it after the doctor said that I needed to see him in 3 months.

He also talked and said the scars on the top of my head from November will probably stop the hair from growing. So, that means I have these scar lines in my head that were used to show where my head was cut at, I will not have hair growing there. Hmmmm… What do I do now? Maybe wear a hat all the time? Just shave my ugly-striped top of my head all the time? I just have to think and see…