Yeah, yeah, yeah…

I’m alive! Alive!

This is “just” what the hospital says to me that I can honestly remember in my head: show up and wait in the waiting room, and leave the day when I do. When I was checking into the hospital, this place had quite a few people coming in… Next, it just comes to my mind that I just awaken after a couple weeks right before I was walking out the door. I have absolutely no idea what has been happening between “after showing up” and “ready to leave and walk out the door”. Uh, okay…. This was several weeks: January 23rd – February 11th.

Ok… After stepping out of the hospital on February 11th (and eating IHOP), I went to Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Hospital there in Gardner, KS. Mmmmm…. This was different type of new location to me and I had NO real idea what was going to be going on until I got there and was dropped off to a room. Well, that’s somewhat okay… I had to stay 2 weeks. Now, I had to do therapy everyday while I’m there. Whatever. Nothing too hard. They also were checking if I was half-way smart enough to cook biscuits, cakes, and cookies just to see if I can. Everyday, I would tell them to let me have the foods I would make and sometimes we’d remember and sometimes we wouldn’t. Whatever. I always did the cooking right there basically in the same small kitchen as the workout room. This meant that I only had one lady watching me as I did this all this “stuff”. Now, there was only once near the end of my being at that building, I had four ladies ask me come to another large kitchen type room located in an opposite location of the building. When I went there, I had four younger ladies than me come with me and they just talked with each other while I cooked a bit. Sometimes given the chance to eat. ha ha… 

There were other things I did at Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Hospital: Using weights and pedaling and walking. Oh, one more thing, one lady that worked up front automatically thought that I could fix her Apple Notepad. I know nothing about those, but I said I probably could just so I could give it a try and maybe play with it. No success. Oh well. I brought my computer though.

I came all the way back home from after staying 2 weeks at the Rehab Hospital location. My opinion, the place was crazy but I enjoyed some of the other people staying there.  It wasn’t very good thinking: I hadn’t been in the “best mood” and working in the “best thinking head” for the best excuse to write for myself. Things are working better today.  Today, being Thursday March 6th… hard to say what I’m doing.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the state for the returns on disability. This was a very, very quick court time. My lawyer told me that I had over a 99% of winning that court. When this happens, this should help out. I’ll see exactly if I won within a few weeks. This is sounding good. We’ll wait on that.


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