Stitches Out Monday (by Sherry)

Darren’s therapy set up for this week and next (OT) and I have his first Speech Therapy set up. They want and evaluation before they let us schedule more. So Wednesday- outpatient therapy starts. He is having that locally here in Olathe.

Called KU Med to get his stitches out scheduled and they wanted him to come in today! So we headed to KU this afternoon. As soon as the RN came out to get him – he recognized her!!! She was the same person that took out his staples back in November. I had given him some pain medication before we left. He still had some major “hurt” when they were removed.


Called the Optometrist and go him an appointment as well. After talking to the doctor we were advised that we should wait 6 months before he goes and gets new glasses.


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