If I explained right, after getting out of the surgery, I was feeling a bit confused just after walking out of the hospital. That’s the first memory I have after that surgery. I was “feeling” better and better inside the “therapy hospital” just because I was regaining consciousness from the  brain therapy, exercise and regaining strength and dexterity. Got out. Feeling better and better every day. Had the therapy that I had for months. I really am thankful for that therapy even we learned that my brain was being obnoxious and not learning too much. It was very helpful to practice. Done with that.

Now my brain… Has ChAnGeD and definitely has chosen to heal a different part of the body right now. My head looks so good and my hair looks great!

I have a lot of feelings that are changing right now. My body seems to be “slowing down” after after the brain has taken the time to heal the body on the outside. I look healed! Healed, I say, HEALED! But I can now easily say and feel that my brain is taking the time to heal itself and maybe “move” this thinking and stuff to the right-side. We ain’t done there yet. We need to work on that, Mr. Brain. I wonder when this happens if I am going to feel it?

This is crazy things that are happening. Still feeling this sort-of a small pain that I have been feeling after my brain surgery. Just feel it on the front-left side. Always there. Hasn’t gone away yet.

My head is looking good! All the skull slices will always be there there and make nice dents on the top. The one cut/slice of the skin on the front left just below the hairline is beautifully back together and cannot be shown off anymore (bummer). How’s it feel? Feels great. I was told once that the pain in the back part of the head would take up to a year to heal and pain to go away. No… Everything is good and I don’t feel a thing.



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