Testing better…

I have this Lumosity testing software that I’ve been using on a regular basis and the outcome of the ending scores in the past have been more of a small or slight growth based upon how my brain wants to get itself better. Other people and myself were thinking this wasn’t a good thing. Not right. Maybe this is how my brain just was before the operation??

Well, I’ve finished this testing from another person and have been testing myself more and more. Something strange has happened! This PAST WEEK or so, my brain has decided to remove most of the slight-frontal pain it had there. That’s what it seems to me. I checked my scores on the Lumosity for the past half-week or week or so with the outcome being outrageously higher than it has been in the past. Whoa! The line goes from a “slightly growing” to a “large jump”!

This is Incredible! What’s causing such impressive growth? Am I just healing at a great rate at this time? This is very interesting. I just think my BRAIN is saying, “OK, I’ve pretty much healed everything else. I’ll heal myself now…”

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