Check this out!!

On the 25th, I described the pain I have always had on the front-left side of my head. Always been there. This past week I could definitely feel the thing on the beginning weekend. As the week went on and on, I felt this “pain” getting smaller and smaller. It was weird. It was getting smaller in “WIDTH”. I just thought (but not wishing) the damn thing was just getting ready to MOVE from the left-side over to the right.

Week went on and on… smaller, smaller, smaller pain…

By Saturday, it was gone. All gone. I have two forehead sides without pain and today (Monday) it’s the same.

Guess I’ll have to wait and see how much more this is going to feel better. Doing pretty good there. Skin and everything on the outside is looking fine. Now I am “still” suffering on the inside. Can’t “remember” a damn thing from one place to another. I think of something, stand-up and have to sit down because I’ve forgotten the reason of my standing. YEAH, IT’S THAT BAD.

I think I mentioned this before, but this thinking and typing here is a shorter and shorter thing to do. I think that my brain just might have forgotten the benefit of knowing how to spell. Thank God for spell-check. This has only taken me 15 minutes to type, instead of ALL AFTERNOON like before.

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