I’m feeling real good today.

I have felt that I had a tremendously good day both yesterday and today. Yesterday, I went for a walk with a person (who was obviously trying to wear me out) for about a distance of around 2 miles. Piece-o-cake. I really need to do this walking again. Very surprised that I was getting through this long walk so quickly & easily. I thought that doing a walk after just sitting around the house EVERY DAY without a very long list of things to do was going to be more complicated. I wasn’t just strolling either. No, I was doing a “nice” pace to walk. Very nice day this early in the morning. Love it! Do it again next week!

Saw a good movie on Tuesday. It was “The Fault in Our Stars“. This was very interesting. One of those that causes these things to fall from my eyes while I watch. I think this movie made more of a difference, or understanding, to me rather than other people in the audience at the beginning. I could understand this girl on the screen with her portable oxygen tank (not that I’ve used one, but I can understand feelings a person might have). It wasn’t till later in the movie that everyone in the audience could understand and watch quietly.

Even though she was just a character on the screen, it was still showing that she was having trouble getting around. Carrying an oxygen tank was very tough and I sat there paying very close attention to this person and seeing what they are having to go through.

It’s just me… It’s just me…….    This was from the very beginning. Not feeling sorry, just curious as to how to be a success. That’s all. Feeling sorry and completely crying was later. Still, it’s a good movie!

But, these have been Good Days! 🙂

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