Hmmm… Well…

It’s been a little while since I wrote. Mainly because it “seems” that my brain has been changing  just like I had been saying before. Pain is gone and that’s a good thing BUT this BrAiN of mine now has different problems.

My thinking is not straight and very short. Hard to keep things in my head for very long. When I try and talk with other people and I just get interrupted for some reason, I will ALWAYS forget what I had said or wanted to say. Other reasons I forget that stuff. Mmmmm….. Errrrr…. This is getting tough.

I saw a Neurologist who was part of the surgery today and explained my situation as far as things happening to my brain. I was HOPING he was going to say something like “Don’t worry, it get’s better for ya.” Uh, no….. Bummer. What I was actually told was… basically….. My brain, the way it is now, is not getting better. It can “stay the same as it is” (hopefully), or go all the way down to “not working correctly at all” (that would suck). BUT NO SEIZURES! That’s the GOOD THING from it all. There’s always that good thing about it. It’s been about 6 months, and they can have more of a clearer picture of where we (my brain and I) are going. In other words, my brain is done. We’ll all see…

So. Living, waiting, breathing, seeing, walking (that’s a good one), eating, drinking…. there’s other important things too… These are all good and important things that I can easily say that “still” I have and have not been taken away.

Oh, reading. That’s a good one. I enjoy that. I wasn’t able to do that easily a few months ago, but it’s better now. Need more of that.


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