Weird Stuff

Thursday (5/23) morning, I was walking little man to school and then walking myself back. On my way back home, I walk down a road that is a slight decline and I usually “hop” a bit  faster. Got about half way down the road and noticed my eyes bouncing, so I stopped. But my eyes didn’t. They kept bouncing “left up-right down” then “right up-left down”. I thought after I rested for a moment they would stop, but they didn’t. And I forgot my damn cell phone at home. I need to get home. Being here isn’t doing me any good if this this isn’t going to stop. So… I carefully got down to Iowa street, where I need to cross. Iowa street is a fairly busy street with lots of people that drive too fast on it. Ugh. I’m standing on a corner and I “should” be able to see my street to the right on the other side, if my eyes weren’t weren’t bouncing. Now, there’s also an exit from an apartment building next to me on my left. Oh man….. I squinted my eyes, thinking this would help and it helped a bit. I finally could tell (guess) when there was not any cars coming from any direction and could could cross safely. I made it home. Eyes still were bouncing. and called Sherry told and her what was going on. She came to pick me up and take me to the ER. At the ER, they were using words such as “bleeding of the brain” among others.

On Friday (5/24), I have an appointment with my doctor over at KU Med because of this stuff happening the day before. I guess that’s how you have to set up an appointment with her? I can’t seem to do it any other way… I’ll update later after the doctor’s appointment.


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