Not quite what I thought…

Not the problem that I thought, which is a good thing. I went to the doctor on Friday and she said “no, a seizure is not what the problem is.” It is a side effect of an overdose of my medication. I have all these doctors that are working with me with all the same meds and I just need to get all my meds all worked out and equalized. Soooo I’m getting the one lowered that I have have too much of in my system. So it’ll take awhile to even it out to the level it should be. FOR NOW… I can barely stand up and walk normally. I seem to be drunk (I guess that’s how being drunk would be…)

I did get my two other tests set for June while I was there (at least a good thing was got out of this). Get another SPECT scan and the Functional MRI both set. Hopefully some other crap like this doesn’t happen that I need to blog about before then.


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