What did I get in the mail today?


Paper Towns

FINALLY! The movie has been released on DVD of the book that I already read. The whole reason I was reading this book over the summer was to give me a reason to SEE the movie in the summer. But I was lazy…. I was getting lost in interest in the book a few times, and then I finally finished reading. So one evening I was thinking…

“Ahhhh… Now I’ll just go and see the movie in the theatre and be done with this whole thing.”

Uh, no. By the time I was finally finished with the book, it had left the theaters. So, I went ahead and pre-ordered the DVD and finally received it today. Yep, that movie was pretty much what I read in the book. “Pretty much.”

One interesting thing that I DO have to say is that the previews on the DVD are of ALL of those books I’ve read with movies I own. Interesting….


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