Now I have finished this book???

On Tuesday, I was typing that I need to listen to a new book. Today is Thursday and need to listen to ANOTHER new book. Never before have I enjoyed a book so much that I did 256 pages in 3 days. No problem listening to 6 hours while sitting on my front porch with my drink (in my “non-shaky left-hand”) and enjoying the weather, eh?


Laughing At My Nightmare — by Shane Burcaw

Wow. This guy has been through allot in his life, and has made it as far as he has without giving up. Good for him!

He’s got one hell of a story for himself and he’s been through many surgeries. He always stated that his surgeries were the SECOND worst ones to get. Which surgery would be the worst, to him?

“THANK GOD I do not need a BRAIN SURGERY.”

Now, that was funny. Maybe just to me, but that was damn funny. 😉

He’s been through AND still going through allot, health-wise. But LIVING FULLY with what he has is obviously what he needs and gets to do.

Go for it, Shane!

…one more thing, I was just looking around and I found his web site. Laughing At My Nightmare.


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