Tuesday…. I just NEED A NEW BOOK!!!!!

What to do on a Tuesday?

OK…. That last book that I was reading Side Effects May Vary was just too much a teenage girl book for me! Sure, the seizures that she had were a big deal in the beginning. By the time a boy a come into the story, the seizures were forgotten and other things were read about. Maybe it was going to be brought up again near the end, but I don’t need to find out.

NEXT! Thoughts…. What should I read? I’m searching through the Amazon store for another audio book to put on my Kindle. Read about it and have chose a damn funny one after listening online. That’s what I need. A funny book! Guy has a book about his life that he lives. He is 21 years-old and has spinal muscular atrophy. This title is called Laughing at My Nightmare and I listen to the small bit online. This guy is living through ALLOT he just deals with it all in comical ways. Things only he can laugh from “his side”. Good for him.

I need a good book to laugh at. 😉


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