Beginning of the Vacation??

Vacation? Is that one of those different language words again? I think I’m happy with the volunteer opportunities I get to do. I actually want to do MORE WORK! But vacation?

It’s true I have been through allot with my surgery and healing. People helping have been through allot. (nope, I don’t remember that last time in the hospital…. in the coma.) But now we get a vacation???

Personally, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER today, rather than the days before. This is easy to say everyday. I have been feeling this specific way for several months. Is it the change in weather? Maybe. Is it more healing? Mmmmm, that would make it less complicated.

Anyway. I have been taken away from my own usual ways and going back to another place where people know me. For awhile, I’ll be available to enter into here. But I am being forced to join people on vacation!!! Aaaaaa!!!!!

One thought on “Beginning of the Vacation??

  1. Relax and enjoy the time with “others”. 😃

    Your GG Friend Anne

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