“Did you write in your blog tonight?”

Phew… Today was a busy day. Was it a lucky day with it being busy?

What was that first thing I did today? Uh… um… Oh, yeah. Lucky enough to have that good friend drive the both of us to pick up fancy and expensive drinks from that place with the drive thru (Heck no! That is not how we order drinks! We go inside! ). You know, Starbucks.

The usual family meal of eating was an outstanding lunch thoroughly enjoyed together. Oh, the dish that is worth the effort of eating is the one enjoyed with cheese and noodles. You know, Homemade Mac & Cheese. Mmmm….

Last thing enjoyed on this nice day was the lucky opportunity to watch a baseball game that my good friend’s young male descendant is on the team. This was enjoyable by all.  The weather in the sky was enjoyable, too.

This was a good day. I was told that I only needed to “wait” one more day. Then there will be the day of the beginning of something good? We will have to wait…


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