Ah, Vineri…. (what language is that one?)

Yep, Friday again at the HOSPITAL to volunteer. Woo Hoo!

Today… Today… Today… Well, what happened that was different from other Fridays?

Mmmmm… Oh, had several people throughout my time unable to find parking spots right there and had to park further away. That’s a bummer. Better to just to be lucky have a taxi that picks up at the door…like me. I wouldn’t be able to remember where I parked anyway… 😉

Another thing… Only had one wheelchair at my location. Uh, that’s not enough for me! So, I called another entryway and asked them if they had one I could have.

“Sure. Meet me half-way and I’ll give it to ya.”

Cool! So we both start trotting toward each other, split by two different buildings that are connected by a hallway. I meet-up with her real quick, grab the thing and quickly trot back entrance. Phew! Got that done.

I got all the wheelchairs lined up in my “entrance area” and sat to wave again. I don’t believe it was much more than 15 minutes, but I was down to just ONE wheelchair AGAIN. ok, ok, ok…. I wasn’t going to let this bother me any more. Soon, I had all of them back. How did I get them back? Who knows…?

One more thing while I was sitting there. I start hearing this alarm. I was sitting there and reading my magazine and an ALARM starts going off??? Oh, great. I’m first thinking that I need to start making calls, or something like that. Then it was…. ding, ding!! (in my brain…) I decide that I just should just go outside. I’m “very important” and do not want to be in a very dangerous position to get hurt. Yep, that’s it….

The alarms were shut off by the maintenance staff in just a short period. Went back inside and kept greeting and reading.


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