Like others here in the USA, I got my drivers license when I was 16… (1990).

Twenty-some years ago, I sprained a wrist or finger or thumb or foot or something, and I visited a local clinic to get it looked at. When I was there, I told the doctor my entire story of my “falling (a pretty-good distance) out of a tree” when I was 10, spending a month on a coma and leaving my brain with a permanent bruise on the left-frontal lobe. The doctor at the clinic (after telling my “impressive story”) gave me a sheet to take to the DMV and I’ll get handicap parking. Went there to turn the paper in and I received a handicap hang-tag that had the word PERMANENT on it. I asked the lady…

“Why does this say ‘Permanent’? How long is it good for?”
“You can park in handicap spots for the rest of your life.”

I laughed!

So, after having the hang-tag in my car for some years, I thought…

“If I have a ‘permanent’ hang-tag, does it mean I could just go and get a handicap license plate?”

Well…. YES… Yes I can!

That is what I did. That is what I still have today.

See? Being handicap is cool… 😉


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