Long Day Indeed (by Sherry)

Got to KU at 5:30am. Sat in Surgery waiting room while we waited for the MRI dept to open. They put him in and his arm was trembling so much he had to lay on his arm. Once that had finished, we went up a building floor and caught the surgeon coming in. Darren asked him where exactly he would cut. He showed him, then Darren smiled and eased up a bit.

Now we are back in the waiting room his surgery isn’t scheduled for another 2 and a half hours!


They called him back and I met with the Anesthesiologist and the Surgeon. They marked up where his incision would be on the left.


They whisked him off to surgery, where the discovered he had 2 large nodules at the back of his tongue. After surgery an ENT Doc came and took a biopsy of each nodule, we won’t find out anything about that for a while.

When they began to cut into his skull the saw they used was not big enough. Bud’s skull is double the thickness of a regular persons!! So they had to stop and find a bigger saw and get it sterilized before they could begin.

This is me (Darren) writing this bold area: 

I remember being shipped up to the surgery room and being “hooked up” to get ready for my brain surgery. After already laying there on the surgery table, I was told…

“Okay, Darren, get relaxed and we can all be ready to get this underway after you fall asleep.”

“Hold On! What are we doing today?,” I said. “What is the plan?”

Everyone kinda stopped…. Then one person spoke up and explained the whole thing. (I don’t remember a word that was said…)

“Eh… OK. That sounds good. I’m ready. Lets go.” 

His surgery was from 11:20 am until 5:30 pm. He got into his room about 6:30 pm. They did a CT Scan before he came up because he was difficult to wake up after surgery.

He got all checked in and I spoke to him, but really all he wanted to do was go back to sleep and continue his dream about his nurse. He did ask me “What happened with my angioplasty?” I said “Bud, that is a big word for you.” He replied “I know.” I discovered he meant anesthesia. So I told him it was fine.



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