Day 2 (What Day Is It??) – (by Sherry)

Darren was pretty groggy when I finally got to the hospital. My job was to get him awake as much as possible. Oh he did not like that at all. He was “a grumpy cat” grumpy. All he wanted to do was sleep. We did get him to eat 1 graham cracker and to drink some Gatorade. That was all he ate while I was there. He was still a bit nauseous from the anesthesia. The doctors showed up and asked him what the date was he said “12-24-13″ and the doctor said “right!” I stopped the doctor and said “That’s not right!” The doctor laughed and moved on.

They checked his muscles and movement. The incision affects his right jaw so it is painful for him to open his mouth very wide. His headaches are frequent (duh!). He really preferred to sleep.

Then about 2:30 the tall blonde Occupational Therapist showed up. That got him to open his eyes! She got him to sit up on the edge of the bed. He started to feel sick so he laid back down. That was when his left eye began to swell and bruise. By the time I left it was difficult for him to open his eye at all. They are just making sure nothing more happens.

He rested for about 30 min and the Nurse’s Aide came in and gave him a bath. He was awake for that! She got down to his feet and started to take off his brown socks and he said “DON’T YOU TAKE OFF MY BROWN SOCKS!” See he knows the code Brown socks means you can get out of bed. Yellow socks mean you can’t. He got yellow socks after he pulled his EEG leads out of his head last November. She promised him that he will get to keep the brown socks on, she was just going to wash his feet.

After she left, Darren was back to sleeping and doing not much of anything else. He was downgraded from ICU and we are waiting for a room on the 8th floor. Probably will get a room there today (Saturday).

Oh, he was having a hard time going to the bathroom so he had 3 Ultrasounds of his bladder as well. He was not drinking enough though. The surgeon came in and said he needed to eat more so he ate some yogurt (lactose free).

The doctor scheduled a “CO” a companion to stay with Darren overnight in case we fall asleep. This person’s job is to watch him for seizures and to stop him from pulling his leads out. Darren’s parents were relieved to hear that. They wanted to be awake during the day to spend time with Nathan on the weekends.


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