Maybe “Another Day” is here…

Might of thought to myself, “When am I going to add to my blog? Maybe another day?” Thankfully, nothing drastic to comment about my current standings with the brain surgery. So, it’s just been awhile…

I do have to say that every day that goes by in my life is a better one. I feel better within my body. Doesn’t matter with whatever happens on the outside, I always feel better on the inside.

I have learned another thing…  talking. I have figured out how to make it “better” for (just) me. When a person speaks, they will be using (from what I understand) the frontal portion of the brain. This could be the portion that was accessed through when the brain surgery was done? That could be true. I could understand and believe that. The reason I say that is that I can intelligently THINK of what words I want to say, just cannot get those words out of my mouth in a normal tone. AH! But, if I YELL the words (from what I understand, using a different portion of the brain in the back) they come out just fine. Just very loud!!!! I can get my intelligent words out of my mouth.

This may be the strangest thing you’ve ever read, but you’ll never “hear” it from me in a normal voice. Is this going to last forever? I don’t know. Haven’t checked with anyone about that. It’s just nice to know something new. How to share with other people, the actual reason why I may be yelling? Oh, well. I guess we’ll see where this is going to take us…

One thought on “Maybe “Another Day” is here…

  1. Sounds good, you are getting there slow but sure. Just keep trying!

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