Maybe “Another Day” is here…

Might of thought to myself, “When am I going to add to my blog? Maybe another day?” Thankfully, nothing drastic to comment about my current standings with the brain surgery. So, it’s just been awhile…

I do have to say that every day that goes by in my life is a better one. I feel better within my body. Doesn’t matter with whatever happens on the outside, I always feel better on the inside.

I have learned another thing…  talking. I have figured out how to make it “better” for (just) me. When a person speaks, they will be using (from what I understand) the frontal portion of the brain. This could be the portion that was accessed through when the brain surgery was done? That could be true. I could understand and believe that. The reason I say that is that I can intelligently THINK of what words I want to say, just cannot get those words out of my mouth in a normal tone. AH! But, if I YELL the words (from what I understand, using a different portion of the brain in the back) they come out just fine. Just very loud!!!! I can get my intelligent words out of my mouth.

This may be the strangest thing you’ve ever read, but you’ll never “hear” it from me in a normal voice. Is this going to last forever? I don’t know. Haven’t checked with anyone about that. It’s just nice to know something new. How to share with other people, the actual reason why I may be yelling? Oh, well. I guess we’ll see where this is going to take us…

One thought on “Maybe “Another Day” is here…


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