Ah! A New Neurologist

Ok. I’ve been needing new Neurologist for the longest time. With “Longest Time” being years. I went in and saw this new one here in the town I live, and “she” was what I need. Yes… a female Neurologist. Never had one of those.

So, we met for the first time. I told her my story about everything dealing with this thing between my ears. She asked what I wanted now.

“New medication. I’m tired of this other one that is forcing me to wear this brace.”

So now, I’ve “just started” a new med. As you guys may know, a person with medication for seizures isn’t as easy to change thing. Have to slowly get on the new one, then get off the old one. Cannot be completely off seizure meds at any time.

So, that’s where I’m at. When I make it through this change, I’m sure I’ll think differently like I usually have in the past. We’ll wait and see…


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