This seems to describe the process…

This site that I found seems to explain the process of accessing the brain and show the placement of the “grids” on the brain. These “grids” are placed all over the outside of the brain and are just “slid in” through the 6 holes in my head. This is to be easy because the brain is covered in water and these can just slide right in.

Where it says [Figure 2] and others that are links, those links will show pictures of where grids can/will be placed on the brain, within the skull. I just don’t believe there won’t be any of those that I see on the pictures with the grids placed between the left and right hemispheres. Looks as if a person would need a hole put directly in the middle of the head to do that.


Ok… I’m thinking about this too much to explain this. Just read through it. It has allot of “big words” in it.

Here’s the link:

Techniques for placement of grid and strip electrodes for intracranial epilepsy surgery monitoring


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