It’s Thursday, and I talked to the surgeon…

It’s Thursday and got back from talking from the surgeon. I learned one thing off the bat, a surgeon just does the surgery and can answer questions about that. Not the other questions I had about the recovery time, etc. This is fine, now I know.

What I learned: (these dates are not set in stone)

October 14th is my pre-op appointment.

November 4th is when I have the Intercranial Grid. This when they are going to be drilling SIX holes into my head: 2 in my temporal, 2 in the mid-side and 2 near the back. The EEG leads will be placed through each of the holes and directly onto my brain.

My head will be wrapped up like a turban.

They’ll be taking me off my meds and we will wait for a seizure to occur, just like what happened when I had the Video EEG back in April.  (What fun!) This can take up to 2 weeks!! ARG! Laying around with probes in my head for two weeks….

If they can clearly tell where the seizures are happening (and the surgery will not effect my speech or motor skills), then they will go ahead with the surgery. If they do not feel 100% comfortable to do the surgery right away, they will stitch me up and the Neurologist has a month to look at the charts of my brain to determine if I am still a candidate for surgery.

IF SO, I’ll go back in and do the surgery. IF NOT, there are other procedures down-the-road that may be available. Down-the-road, meaning a couple years.


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