Visit Therapist Friday

I had to visit the Speech & Language Therapist again this afternoon. It’s interesting to meet up with this person. Makes me feel good when I am shown one of the flash cards and I DO know what it is! I would know what all these are pictures of in my brain, but I just can’t get the name of it out of the mouth. This only happened a few times. A few. Just less than half.

  1. I saw the image of a window on a house.
  2. I was asked, “What is the white thing covering the window on the inside with the horizontal plastic  lines?”
  3. At this time  know what the item that I am looking at is because I have plenty in my house. I just don’t have the words to COME OUT OF MY MOUTH! I’m having to “REALLY THINK HARD” and get the answer to my mouth.
  4. On that single card (and two other cards) I had to give up. I just couldn’t get the remembrance of what the item was named out of my mouth. Then she would have to tell me it was just WINDOW BLINDS.

With this stack of cards, I had to do this thing twice. The second time I was able to name some of the ones I couldn’t do before because I just remembered after talk the first time. But there was still a few I couldn’t even remember the second time. This is driving me crazy!

With one of the things that I was trying to name, I couldn’t go through words in my head because the thoughts would just repeat the same thing (not it) over and over. Names of different items seem to have been erased from my brain after the surgery??? We’ll have to wait and see if this is ever going to work out right. (Interesting thing now is I can’t even kinda remember what it was a picture of to describe on that one.)

Now I have more homework to do before next Wednesday. I’ll take a break from it this weekend.

I also need to get back to “remembering” what it the heck I did everyday just to keep my daily log going. I am a few days behind.


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