Last Physical Therapy

Wednesday was a last day for the physical therapy. Did all the same stuff. Biking for a good 5 minutes… Throwing and catching a very large ball with the lady… Played with very hard Play-Doh type material (and other things) to strengthen my fingers… This is mainly just what I do every week. Now it’s over with it. Someone decided that I don’t need physical therapy anymore, or something like that. Welp, okay.

The speech therapy was a bit tough compared with what we have been doing in the past. Or maybe it was just because it was using “different” ways of doing stuff that I haven’t used before here. I’m not sure.

Therapist: “Ok, I’m going to start by reading two words and you repeat the first one. Then I’ll say another, and you repeat the one that came before it. Got it?”

Me: “Got it.”

Therapist: “Red…  House…”

Me: “Red.”

Therapist: “Goose.”

Me: “House.” (Now, what I’m thinking… “Red Houses are nice looking…”)

Therapist: “Truck.”

Me: “mmmmm…. uhhhh… I don’t know….”

We’d try this again and I’d force myself to think more about just the words in the order and nothing else. Had a couple tries to do it right, but finally got it.

Repeating these words and such are not the easiest thing for me to do.

One thought on “Last Physical Therapy

  1. Glad to hear you’re progressing to the point you are now discharged.You can do PT at home at your leisure.You finished and Dave(my husband) started up again.Trying to help him balance the right side that he had the stroke on.He is really enjoying it.You take care and keep in touch.




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