Reading is Complicated

That reading and questions thing that I have been doing in the therapy class I take is something I forget that I am currently doing and have trouble with. I got this book. It’s called Is God a Mathematician? by Mario Livio. Looked like a book on Amazon that would be very interesting. I bought a clean used version for $2.

So, for me it’s like if I was just a kid trying to read this book. My eyes are not understanding any “regular speed” reading when it comes to this book. It’s got quite a few “big words” that my eyes won’t even pay attention to unless I’m going REAL SLOW. Also, when I’m done with a paragraph I can’t always remember what I just read very good at all. Reading and remembering is part of my “uh, I’m a brain that is currently SUFFERING” thing.  This is going to take a while….

Now, this isn’t true all the time. It IS getting better. I went to therapy just yesterday and had about a half-dozen stories read to me with questions asked afterward. I was getting better and better as it went on. What was the whole ordeal on those? After time, I heard enough stories that I could pay attention to important words to answer most of the questions. I could get my brain to listen to the right things in these stores. Did I ever get ALL the questions answered right for one of the stories? No. The last one story I had only missed one. The hardest one was that question about something that did not deal with any of the important words that I was memorizing my brain out for a length of seconds.


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