This is “driving” my thoughts…. somewhere…

Recently, I have been sitting outside to enjoy the weather outside and listen to music through an external speaker using radio stations from around the world from my cell phone. I think the audio is excellent too. 🙂 I’m sure you have the same on your mind too.

I sit here and do this all afternoon while I listen to the radio and just think. And think. And think. I would have a thought, “Oh, that’s good one. I should put that in my… That thing I type into on my computer to talk to people about things.. That Catalpa Chronicles thing. That’s a type of…” I give up. I can’t remember.

But, at least, I did remember WHERE it was and decided to SIT HERE until any previous thoughts I had came back to me. Ok…

What was I waiting for? This is good music from… another part of the USA.

Let me sit. This is what I was listening to today.

This isn’t getting me anywhere now.

Okay, okay, okay… I was remembering all this real good earlier when it was before I started this… thing I’m typing here now. BLOG! Damn, that’s what this is called! Now what the hell was I going to type into it just now? Hmmmm… Maybe I just need to think some more about this tiresome subject and try again tomorrow? Can’t hurt. This head of mine hasn’t hurt me for the longest time since allot of its healing and so forth.

I’ll be back… Tomorrow… If I remember to…


what am I remembering?


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