Outside Again…

What was it again yesterday that I was typing about? Only took me a couple hours to do it then: get it out of my head, through my fingers and onto a keyboard to show up on the screen.

Today it beautiful here in KC (again) for the moments that I type THESE CERTAIN CHARACTERS on my keyboard. Maybe not these. But those were a nice feeling time. Still not too bad right now. 

Listening to this internet music through the speaker and phone is nice really nice today. This is nice probably because I have this station where the DJ speaks some foreign language that I don’t understand, but all the songs are in English and “some” of them I know. This isn’t new to me because I’ve heard these things before. (Trust me, this is NOT a new “Internet” thing at all.) Just interesting to find stations I haven’t heard every once in awhile.

Yep, still feels good outside by the time I got that paragraph done.

Something I should do soon is to ride my bike up and get my hair cut on my “permanently wavy and bumpy” head top after the cuts. This should entertain the hair cutters, just as long as my hair isn’t being pulled like crazy. AAAAAA!

That was quick to type and get out. This is quick thoughts I’m getting out of my head.

It is… ehhh… 1:45.  I need to eat lunch or something like that. I think I forgot breakfast, too…

2 thoughts on “Outside Again…

  1. Hang in there it looks like you get better each day. About the hair cut, how about a Mohawk it will give your friends something else to talk about. LOL 😜
    Have a great rest of the day and don’t quit trying!



    • Mowhawk…? Hmmm… That would be quite interesting. 🙂

      I AM in need of a haircut at the local place and I’m very curious what my “brain” will choose on how to decide to care for the top of my head.




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