Tried something new…

Today (Thursday) I actually (get ready for this…) TOOK A NAP! Did this right after lunch. Woah! That makes one hell of a difference there. I can function more normally… no… “a bit better“…

That’s a nice “description” phrase. Eh…? And this was the most exciting part of my day today. Good Idea. 🙂

On Wednesday, did a few things more than today.

First, I had to get up, which is an entirely awake period.

I ate lunch at noon and had to call for a taxi to get me and take me to the nearby hospital for therapy. By this time of the day, I’m half-way tired. I got to the hospital at 1:10 and the therapy was at 1:45. By 1:45, I was tired. Very, very tired. The therapist called me back to do our stuff consisting of vocabulary words and so forth. Parts of that “testing” I have been very used to and have done a decent job on before. Not yesterday. I was struggling BAD at that work.

Lastly yesterday at 5:00, I saw my psychiatrist. As compared to the way I have been able to speak, think and act in the past, he was impressed in the way I was communicating with him yesterday. Maybe my body was thinking that I had relaxed or something. I (as a WHOLE PERSON) was impressed with myself too.

Oh.. I forgot to mention. The AC was out on the house for the last couple days and just happens to be the hottest two damn days of this year so far. Not sleeping well. Think that makes the difference in as far as the therapy in the hospital? Probably.

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