Therapist Again Friday Morning…

Last Friday, I went back to see the Therapist in the morning at 9:00. There is the difference. I can actually intelligently answer these questions in the morning.


Anyway, I think I was doing extremely better than I ever have recently. Powers that can easily be shown off in the morning. Well, that is the “powers” I have for about an hour or less. When that runs out, my body and brain are going “quickly downhill”.

Caffeine seems about the easiest, quickest and best that I tried so far. Now… the thing with it is that my body does not seem to be totally interested in it. I don’t know. I got a 20oz Diet Mt. Dew right next to me that I’m sipping on. Before the surgery, I used chug these quite a bit. Now, I’m barely sipping it. This is what I do now:

  1. Sip it for awhile because I’m VERY TIRED
  2. Soon, feel the WIDE AWAKENING
  3. Hour later (or less) I’m VERY TIRED

That was funny: My eyes were really open from the caffeine, but still yawning. That was a new one! ha ha!

Could it be because there was a Bonnie Tyler song I was hearing on this Florida radio station through my phone??? Maybe..  🙂


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