Well, it’s Friday…

Still not being a “fast” person… as far as anything goes. In fact, as compared to the time after surgery, I have moved slower because of the way my body heals. Ugh… But it’s still interesting. Maybe this is reason why it takes me “hours” to write this stuff because of my noticeably “slower” thinking. 😉

This is Friday. Went to my final speech therapy after lunch. Met with the nice teacher/tester and she basically told me that we had everything done. She has NOTHING left for us to do. We done it all. Period. The End. As far as that goes, I agreed that we could meet at the later date further down the road and I hope we could compare as to how I am doing.

I was asked about a very large “choice” by someone… I’ll keep it to myself for right now just to think… I don’t know… Serious Stuff.

I’m so confused at this time.

I’m sure there are people on this Earth that are not thinking positively about me and my operations that I’ve been going through, as far as them believing I will be getting better. Not understanding. It’s too late to think negatively about my surgeries; rather just take the operations and healing as: “Take it as is. It’s all done.”

True, I may not be a 100% up to speed as I was just several months ago before my surgeries. This is true. But I have been told, and I believe myself, that sometime I will be again. This takes time. Believe me. There was “healing” after the original brain damage that happened 30 years-ago that took time.

This “brain healing” isn’t as quick as a healing nature for any other nature of a person’s body. THIS takes time. Trust me. Been there, done that. I’m ready to do it again, but others are NOT. PATIENCE. PATIENCE. PATIENCE.

Anyway. I finally got that thing I signed up for from the government and I have been waiting several years…   drumroll please…     da da da da…..

Naaaa… I think I’ll just be quiet about it.

2 thoughts on “Well, it’s Friday…

  1. Darren, as the notes state above we are proud of you and you need to stay positive as many people are behind you and are proud of what you have done. It was a hard choice and you made it. One step at a time.

    Bob and Nancy


  2. Darren, it sounds like you are doing so much better now. You writing is so much more fluid. Just remember you didn’t learn to talk, walk or write over night. Give it some more time and I bet you will get to where you want to be again. Keep thinking the good thoughts and keep working. God will be there to help you, as well as many more people you might never know about who are praying every day for your complete healing. Keep on keeping on Darren, we are rooting for you.


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