Ah-ha! Here’s some news!

I am in this comfortable item called a… um.. oh, I remember, a BED. I climb out of this bed item at an early hour this morning. Really early for myself. It was, like, 10 o’clock or something like that. None the less, I have awakened and received a phone call from the local hospital. Ya know, that one I’ve been writing about!

The very kind nurse tells me that the hospital here in town is having the Scheduled Orientation next Tuesday, April 14th. That’s cool. Then I see the time… 8 am to Noon? Oh, that’s just wrong. I guess that I’ll just have to sleep through that entire meeting while there. Or maybe just go to bed earlier. Either one, that’s what I finally got.


One thought on “Ah-ha! Here’s some news!

  1. Glad to hear your news. I would say go to bed earlier for a few days prior to the meeting, but also get up as early each day as you will need to the day of the meeting. Good luck! Your GG friend Anne

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