Psych….ich? naaa… That’s not the word…

I saw the Psych again today. When it comes to leaving the house and being successful at obtaining her presence with mine, it’s always nice outside. But, yet, I have always been successful at using the excuse that it is not clean enough outside for us to walk. NEXT WEEK we are, uh, walking. <GRIN> Walking to the nearest Chipolte down the street. Ah, I see what she is doing. Giving me a REASON to want to walk. This will be the most intelligent decision on her part that she has ever made towards me. Good one. Good one.

Now, we will have to hope the weather is good. Ah, maybe bad weather and I can just talk her into driving us to the restaurant? Snow? Possible? Hmm… Have to think about that one. None the less, I can actually look forward to visiting a place to eat along with another person I have grown to know better.

None the less, I’ve been having decent days to live. Uneventful. My fault. People typing to me in ALL CAPS to get me to do things is just very disturbing. I think that maybe I need to take another nap… for some reason that “maybe” is all I can think of…

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