Boys & Girls, what happens on Mondays?

That is correct, students, it is that Psych-lady day. Good… Good…

Students, what was learned from the Psych-lady today? Oh, not much. Just a comfortable conversation.

But! I was granted the (PLEASE!) CHOOSE A NEW FOOD request from her. The place selected was Smashburger that is located nearby. Chosen (by yours truly) to be not near enough to be walked. Thus, we had to climb into a vehicle owned by Ms. Psych-lady so she would drive us over there.

I think to myself… “Self, are we going to be lucky enough to stay at Smashburger and have our meeting there?”

Now, for some reason, she chose (against my will) to order and leave the restaurant just like a Chipolte.

Why was this answer from her mouth turning out to be a negative “No” after asking nicely in a questionable voice. THERE WAS NO OTHER CUSTOMERS THERE!

Hmmm…. Maybe there is other worthy ways of obtaining a positive “yes”? Maybe. I will have to try a different way of receiving my wish next time. We will just have to wait and see what I can think of happening at the NEXT meeting. Will it be a success??

Anyway… went back to the office… ate… spoke… listened… thanked… scheduled next week… That’s about it.



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