Vol-un-teer…. Vol-un-teer….

A-ha! Yesssss… Woo Hoo! Today was that day that I did my Friday Volunteering at the Hospital as a “Lone Greeter”. Yes, boys and girls, I was sitting right there a-greetin’.

“Good Morning…”

“Good Morning…”

All this is while I sit alone… Alone and watching the doors to greet people to create the extremely tough time of working. I was extremely happy with the way that was when I was there, but yet tired. One thing I probably didn’t really need to happen is wait for the next person to show up after lunch. I’ve always felt sorry for people coming in the during the eating period. In past weeks, I have eaten lunch with the person taking my place. What does that mean? No one at the front desk while we were both are at lunch!

So, I was just taking it upon myself to keep greeting these people while they come in until that next person finishes his lunch at a later time and takes my place. This is NO PROBLEM to me. These volunteer people only want me volunteering my 4 hours at a time and 4 hours per week. What? Whatever. Heck, I’d volunteer 24 hours per day.

So, the next person came to take my place after I chose to sit and work an extra 30 or 60 or whatever minutes (I wasn’t keeping track) and I went to go eat. Got my FREE lunch and before I leave I need to stop by and sign myself in/out on the paper and log how many hours worked. I just write FOUR HOURS every time. No more. That’s all. Period. THE END.

I could work for Nineteen hours there and still log down I was only there for FOUR, just to keep everyone happy.

Enough of that… Got that off my chest… Hmmmmm….


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